The uniform of Spring Creek Christian Academy is navy blue and white.  For boys: navy blue pants or shorts (that extend to the knee) and a white or navy blue polo shirt without a logo.  For girls: navy blue pants or shorts (also extending to the knee); navy blue skirts or jumpers may be worn. Girls may wear a white or navy blue polo shirt or blouse.  Both boys and girls may wear a navy blue sweater in class during the cold months. A navy blue sweatshirt with the school logo (purchased through the school office) may be worn indoors in lieu of the sweater. We also prefer that the students wear tennis shoes for daily playtime. 

**Grades 9 through 12 can wear a colored polo shirt and khaki/navy blue pants or knee-length shorts.

These items can be purchased locally at JC Penney or Walmart. They may also be ordered online from various retailers. The sweatshirt must be purchased through the school office.